Senior Domestic Mixed competition

“Gender” here refers to an identified gender (female or male) as designated by the player during the registration process.

Mixed basketball is a social competition; players are asked to play the game in a social and enjoyable manner. Games are played as prescribed in the Game Rules section of the Senior Domestic Competition By-Laws, except where modified by the following variations and additions specific to the Mixed Competition.

Basketball size

The basketball used in Mixed Competition is size 6.

Gender Mix

A team must be represented by at least (2) female and (2) male players on the court; the fifth player can be either female or male. A male player cannot be subbed on for a female unless there are (2) females on the court. The game will be called a forfeit if either team is unable to comply and have at least (1) of each gender on the court. The offending team loses the game regardless of points scored.

Prior to the commencement of the game, a team must field (4) players with a minimum of (1) female and (1) male to start the match. Normal late start penalties shall be applied.


Male players are not permitted in the restricted (key) area at EITHER END of the court in the 1st half of the game and female players are not permitted in the restricted (key) area at EITHER END of the court in the 2nd half. PENALTY: VIOLATION; side ball to opponents.

Any intentional defensive key violations by the male players in the 1st half and the female players in the 2nd half, are to be treated as goal tending and the opposing team are to be granted (2) points. After the first warning by either referee, further intentional infringements of the above rule are to be penalised with a technical foul (for unsportsmanlike behaviour) on the offending behaviour.

Twelve (12) Point Rule

Each player can only score twelve (12) points until all players on their team have scored twelve (12) points each. Once each team member has reached twelve (12) points, all players on that team are free to score.

Prior to all players scoring twelve (12) points the following will apply:

  • If a player on twelve (12) points is intentionally fouled they may nominate another player in their team to take the free shots (points count).
  • If a player on eleven (11) points scores a field goal, only one (1) point is allowed.
  • If a player on twelve (12) points shoots, and the basket is good, determination is VIOLATION; NO SCORE; side ball to opposing team.
  • If a player is on eleven (11) points with two shots, if one shot is successful then another player may be nominated to take the remaining free shot.
  • If a player scores their 11th point from a field goal and is fouled then another player may be nominated to take the bonus foul shot.
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