Collingwood 3on3 Basketball Tournament

Enter a Team to play in Collingwood Basketball 3on3 Tournament, Tuesday 6th July, 2021.

Competition is open to Boys and Girls in the U11, U13, U15 and U19 age groups.

U11 games from 10.00 am   

U13 games from 12.00 pm

U15 games from 3.00 pm

U19 games from 5.00 pm

*Times may change due to number of Teams

Tournament Cost: $60 per team


How to Enter a Team

To play in the Collingwood Basketball 3on3 Tournament, you will firstly be required to register a Team and then to allocate players to that Team.

Entries are submitted via the following PlayHQ link https://www.playhq.com/basketball-victoria/register/0e1d42

Create a Team name, allocate the age group and register.

Age groups are based on current EDJBA 2021 Winter Season allocation.

Once you have registered a team, you can then send links to your team mates to join your team.

If you are currently playing in the EDJBA or VJBL or other Basketball Victoria sanctioned competition, you will not be required to pay a licence fee to play, as you would have already paid this fee.

If you have any questions or need assistance to register, please contact David Parker, juniordomestic@collingwoodbasketball.com.au

Collingwood 3on3 Basketball Rules

  1. Three-on-three basketball is a half-court game played by two teams of three players each.
  2. A size 6 ball will be used for games other than U15 and U19 boys, where size 7 will be used.
  3. Games are 20 minutes, highest score progresses. In the event of a draw, play is extended until the next point wins in a sudden death play. 
  4. Games are played in Round robin format with pools according to number teams registered with no more than 5 teams per pool.
  5. SCORING: Each basket on or inside the 3 pt line is worth 1 pt; each basket outside the 3 pt line is worth 2 pts.
  6. ALL GAMES WILL BE OFFICIATED. Games will be officiated by Collingwood Referees.
  7. Substitutions may be made after a basket or during any stoppage of play.
  8. First possession is decided by a toss of the coin. Ball possession changes hands after each basket.
  9. The “check line” shall be the three-point line. After a score or after a foul is awarded, a player must pass the ball in play from above the check line. Failure to pass the ball from the check line shall result in a replay.
  10. If a player causes the ball to go out of bounds or over the mid-court line, the opposing team receives possession at the “check line”. The mid-court line will be treated as out of bounds.
  11. The ball shall be awarded by the alternate possession rule in held ball situations.
  12. On any change of possession (including air balls), the ball must be returned to the check line and the player in possession of the ball may maintain control and attempt to score.
  13. No free throws are awarded.
  14. Three seconds in the lane will be in effect.
  15. Any common foul shall result in loss of possession for the offending team. For example, if player A fouls player B, player B receives possession of the ball at the check line.
  16. Score will be displayed on portable scoring unit and iPad.
  17. Teams will have light and dark options of same colours. Numbers are not necessary. There will be absolutely no teams allowed to be skins, for any circumstance. Any players not wearing the right colour shirt, whether it be light or dark, for their team, will constitute in a 2pt penalty for each player on that team not wearing the right colour shirt. This penalty will be applied at the beginning of the game, for each game that is violated. Collingwood reversible Domestic singlets may be worn.
  18. Collingwood Basketball Club will supply a supervisor. Teams will report results to the supervisor.

This program is for fun and dependent on good sportsmanship. Play to win but do not put winning ahead of being an honest player.

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