Collingwood 3 x 3 Battle

Collingwood 3×3 Battle – Basketball Tournament

Enter a Team to play in Collingwood Basketball 3on3 Tournament, Friday 12th April, 2024l

Competition is open to Boys and Girls in the U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19 age groups.

U11 players born 2014, 2015, 2016

U13 players born 2012, 2013

U15 players born 2010, 2011

U17 players born 2008, 2009

U19 players born 2006, 2007

Tournament Cost: $90 per team


How to Enter a Team

To play in the Collingwood Basketball 3×3 Tournament, you will firstly be required to register a Team in Play HQ and then allocate or register players to that Team. There is no cost to register a player, only a Team.

Entries are submitted via the following PlayHQ link

Create a Team name, allocate the age group and register.

Once you have registered a team, you can then send links to your team mates to join your team.

If you are currently playing in the EDJBA or VJBL or other Basketball Victoria sanctioned competition, you will not be required to pay a licence fee to play, as you would have already paid this fee.

If you have any questions or need assistance to register, please contact David Parker,

Collingwood 3 x 3 Battle Rules

Team Four players – 3 + 1 substitute
Officials 1 referee per game, 1 scorer from each team
Game Duration & score limit  1 x 12 minutes playing time, clock doesn’t stop at all
If a team reaches 21 points, they win/game over, regardless of how much
time is left on the clock
Overtime After a 1-minute break, first team to score 2 points wins
Time-Outs 1 x 30 sec time-out per team but no time-out can encroach on the last
minute of the game (for running clock games)
Can only be called at dead ball situations but not after a made basket
Substitutions In dead ball situations, just come on/off prior to the check ball
Seated on the centreline of the court
Scoring 1 point for free throws, 1 point for baskets inside the arc, 2 points for
baskets outside the arc
Shot clock No shot clock in place
Referee to warn teams for stalling (not attacking to score) and violation
(change of possession) will be called for continued negative play
Initial Possession Rock, Paper, Scissors
Coaching No coaching is permitted during the game
First time a warning will be given
Second instance will be a technical foul


All Players will need to register an individual player profile with FIBA. to register click FIBA 3 x 3


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