Committee of Management

Dean Perry


Cathy Ciurlino

Vice President

Collingwood Basketball members are passionate and generous with their time and support for the kids that love playing for the club.  Since joining the All Stars in 2017, my family (husband and two daughters) and I have been involved in the All Stars as players (VJBL and domestic), coaches (VJBL and domestic) and sub-committee (Team Composition) members.  I’ve played basketball my whole life, having started at the age of five, and have participated in community basketball for over 40 years. I have a deep understanding and love of grass roots basketball and its membership, who are by far the greatest representatives in community sport and carry the sense of community generated through their participation.  I appreciate how important sport and community is to health and well-being and I look forward to contributing to the continued development of the Collingwood Basketball Association, its members and community.

Dean Perry


Rhian Reed


I am a new member of the Collingwood All Stars family, with my son starting in the Under 11’s team this year. Thus far the community feel, and welcoming faces have made our first season really great. I bring to the committee an accounting and bookkeeping background from the services and property development areas. I have signed up as treasurer as I feel that I can offer some great enthusiasm and abilities to help keep the club growing and developing into a stronger base for all current and future members.

Jasmine Leung


Georgia Johnson

General Committee

My family and I have been involved with Collingwood Basketball since 2010, firstly with my son who played Domestic, Rep. and Big V Basketball and now with my daughter who is currently playing Domestic and Rep. Basketball. What has drawn me to the club is the energy, passion, compassion and dedication of the staff, committee, coaches, players and parents of this club. I feel so fortunate to be part of this dynamic and diverse inner-city club. The club and all that are involved have given my children a sense of community and pride to be part of this club. They have learnt so much at the All Stars – team work, work ethic, respect, humility, and how to cheer on a Collingwood Basketball team (loudly), all of this whilst making great friendships and enjoying their basketball. I look forward to my time working on the committee, and hope that I can help the club continue to be great to so many in the future.

Sarah Alexander

General Committee

Daniel Minihan

General Committee

Brad Scott

General Committee

Gary Windiate

General Committee

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