Junior Domestic Team Managers’ Information

The Team Manager’s Handbook has a checklist at the front which covers most of the things that a Team Manager needs to do throughout the season. Team Managers should also read the rest of the manual for further assistance.

In particular, Team Managers should familiarise themselves with the information about who can “fill in” in teams if they are short of players. Please also read the section on walkovers – the club is fined if a team cannot play four players within ten minutes of the starting time of a game but there are ways to ensure that you don’t have a walkover. 

Other information of use to team managers is:

EDJBA website

EDJBA By Laws and policies including Blood policy and Heat policy

Collingwood Rules and Policies including Guidelines for Selection of Domestic teams, Pay and Play policy and Refund policy (link available soon)

Contact the Junior Domestic Program manager for further information.

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