Junior Representative Program at Collingwood

Representative Youth Development Program (YDP)

At the All Stars, our Representative basketball Program is also known as the Representative Youth Development Program (YDP).  This program is unique to Collingwood and at its core, is a program that believes, through participation in basketball, we have an opportunity to positively impact an athlete’s life on and off the court, today and tomorrow.  What follows is a broad description of the program, the extra activities and commitment of athletes in the program and the advantages that athletes get by participating in the program at the Collingwood All Stars.

Importantly, our Values underpin everything we do. Our values encompass three key areas that we have used as our reference point to build our elite Representative basketball program. 

  • One Team – To DEVELOP players, coaches and teams to be their best

  • One Purpose – To change the trajectory of young athletes lives through sport

  • One Goal – To create a sense of belonging through ENJOYMENT

In developing our program, we have continued to focus on participation and inclusion and, we have built a structure to support the wider development of players in the program aligned to our values.

This program runs across multiple age groups, it has been designed to allow for scaling of activities across age groups, with older age groups developing skills to enable them to serve as teachers, supporters, and mentors for younger players. This is based on a positive peer support model by including all players and applying the same standards to all, irrespective of their background. This will assist in normalising expectations and behaviors across the group and apply consistent standards to all participants. 

The Program

Our Program is designed to educate our athletes on the options and pathways available to them through basketball. Our focus is to create routines for our athletes that will lead to success on and off the court.  Our athletes have access (access depends on the age of the athlete and training location) to; Strength and Conditioning, Mental Health services, Physiotherapy, Study Hall, Nutrition and Fuel Station.

Certain modules of the program are mandatory to specific age groups and teams.

Basketball Program

Coaching Structure

We have a Club wide approach and philosophy to be developed and taught across all age groups. This will be implemented by the Program Director and our Head Coach working collaboratively with the Head Coaches for each age group.

Youth Development Program Structure

The program structure has been designed to build skills and participation on a scaled basis starting with Under 12’s and expanding with each age group. This allows time at each age group for basic skills, theory, participation and commitment to be introduced as building blocks one on top of the other. At each age group we build on the foundations of the prior and gradually introduce the wider aspects of our program so as not overwhelm players and parents alike.

The table below outlines this approach and shows how this is designed to integrate as players get older and introduce greater social and community cohesion at the Club.  The table below is indicative of the training schedule and the level of commitment required.

Age Group

On court training

Strength and Conditioning

Study Hall

Weekly Commitment

12 (all teams)

3 hours



3 hours

14 (all teams)

4 hours



4 hours

16.1s / 16.2s

4 hours

2 hours

1 hour per week

7 hours

16 (all other teams)

4 hours

4 hours

18.1s / 18.2s

6 hours

3 hours

2 hours per week

11 hours

18 (all other teams)

6 hours



6 hours


2 hours

1 hour

2 hours per week

5 hours


6 hours – Regular Season

3 Hours – Off Season

3 hours- Regular Season

6 Hours- Off Season

2 hours per week – Regular Season

4 hours – Off Season

11 hours Regular Season

13 hours – Off Season

Above table subject to court / facility availability and subject to change.

For players and teams that do not have compulsory Strength and Conditioning but would like to participate, this may be available upon request.  Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Strength and Conditioning

We have partnered with Industry leading health and performance company, SANO to oversee the design and implementation of the All Stars Strength and conditioning program.  SANO’s experience with athletes of all ages ensures our players will be prescribed with basketball specific programs to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury. Out program is developmentally appropriate and formed using the Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).

Strength and Conditioning is compulsory for all players in 16.1s, 16.2s, 18.1s, 18.2 and Big V Youth teams.  If you cannot attend a Strength and Conditioning session you should notify your coach as soon as possible.  Regular non attendance may impact your position on the team.

Study Hall and Life Skills Program

The Study Hall and Life Skills Program is the foundation that the entire program is built on. Success on the court begins with success and routines built off the court.

Context and Background to our Study Hall program

Collingwood’s location and demographics means that we have an amazing opportunity to come together as a community to support players who live in and around our club who do not necessarily have access to the same academic resources and support as other players.

In 2016 we commenced Homework Club alongside our existing basketball program as we were experiencing attendance and on court behavioral issues with some of our players.  After liaising with various local schools, we realised that they were having similar issues.  As strong believers in the importance of school and the power of sport to motivate kids, we began to encourage players to attend school to ensure they continued to have access to basketball.  To show how committed we were, we bought desks onto the court so that players behind in school could study during practice until they caught up with schoolwork.  Most of our players would tell us that they did not have time to study, so we made time for them!

A key part of the design of the new facility is the “classroom” space you see at the end of the stadium so we could continue this program for all players that are keen to improve their performance at school along with those that are falling behind or not conforming to the behavioural requirements of their school.

Homework Club has not only given players access to a space to study but is also supported by their peers.  It has allowed the Club to identify other ways we can support players welfare. For some players it has simply been general supervision and support.  For others, one on one assistance for a specific project, help in studying for a test or exam or assistance in finding and enrolling in higher education courses can be provided.

In addition to Homework Club, the Head of Basketball continues to regularly attend local schools to discuss player’s progress and attendance at school. We recognise that consistent school attendance is the pathway to better academic outcomes.

This is a unique part of our program and is aligned with our overall vision of developing our players into well rounded individuals with a sense of community and helping those who may need a hand in life.

Study Hall

For all players in u16’s and above, the program includes Study Hall. We create a space for all team members to spend time completing homework, working on assignments, studying for tests and helping each other. This time will be supervised by a combination of team coaches, tutors and trainee teachers through a partnership with Australian Catholic University’s teaching program.

Attendance at Study Hall is compulsory for all players in 16.1s, 16.2s, 18.1s, 18.2 and Big V Youth teams if they are still at school.  If you cannot attend Study Hall you should notify your coach as soon as possible.  Regular non attendance may impact your position on the team.

Life Skills

As an extension to our Study Hall program, Life Skills is designed to introduce optional additional training and development for our players across a variety of areas. These programs will be delivered during school terms

  • Employment Pathways – We have partnered with the Retail Prodigy Group who hold the master Retail Franchise for NIKE Stores across Australia and New Zealand to develop opportunities and pathways for program members to complete work experience, training and ultimately obtain employment in the groups Nike Stores in Melbourne

  • Vocational Training – We will offer specific vocational training courses throughout the year, including referee and coaching courses and Barista training amongst others to give our players the necessary qualifications to participate in our community program or to assist in obtaining external part time or full time employment.

Fuel Station and Nutrition

As part of our program we provide a fuel station most nights of the week for teams that train at Collingwood College.  This provides players with a quick snack to eat on the go and is available to all players on a first come first serve basis.

In addition, we also provide meals 2 nights a week for our U18.1s teams, Big V Youth teams and player volunteers.

In house Psychology services

Every Tuesday and Thursday (from 5:30pm until approximately 8:30pm) we have a psychologist from Healing Minds, Matt, attend the Stadium.  Matt can be used by teams to run group sessions or players can speak to him one on one.

If Coaches or players would like to arrange a session with Matt, simply just attend the Stadium during this time.

In house Physio services

Every Wednesday from 5pm until approximately 8:30pm, Karina, a qualified physio attends the Stadium.  Karina’s services are available for all Rep players.  If you would like to see her, just attend the Stadium during this time.

Community Program

Our program has been designed to leverage the Basketball, Academic and Life Skills components and have our players volunteering in and around the club to support activities and other members. It is intended that these activities will include the following:

  • Assisting and running basketball clinics

  • Refereeing

  • Coaching

  • Volunteering in the canteen

  • Participating in nominated club community projects

  • Big V Ball people

Open Gym Morning Sessions

For players that want to take their game to the next level we run optional open gym morning sessions Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 7:30am.

This time is for athletes who are self-motivated and wish to focus on their individual game with the guidance of our coaches and extend their own personal practice routines.   This is an opportunity for players (U16 and above) to work on their individual game.  While at least one coach will be in attendance these are not coach lead sessions.

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