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Junior Domestic – Summer 2022-23 Teams, Training, Fixtures & More

If your child would like to join the All Stars please email  juniordomestic@collingwoodbasketball.com.au and we will place them on the waiting list for a place in a team.

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Summer 2022-23 Domestic Season

New Uniforms can be purchased from Collingwood Stadium, on Saturday mornings from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Teams for Summer 2022-23



The teams listed above have been selected by Collingwood Basketball Team Selection sub-committees, consisting of three coaches for both Boys and Girls teams,  who spent considerable time in evaluating the requests and demands of each team.

There was no guarantee that players would be selected in teams based solely on registration information.

A great deal of effort has been made to place players according to these requests, however some were not possible.

Fixtures for Summer 2022-23 Grand Finals, 25th March 2023

Boys fixture grand-final summer

Girls fixture grand-final summer



New Uniforms can be purchased from Collingwood Stadium.

Uniforms on sale:
The cost of the uniform is: Reversible singlet $65, Shorts $55, Reversible singlet and shorts bought at same time $115. Payment by card / EFTPOS is preferred. All Stars merchandise including facemasks, short and long sleeved T-shirts, hoodies and socks will also be on sale.

If your child is a new player and will be using a second hand singlet, please advise the number so we can include it in our records.

If you are unable to organise a uniform prior to your game, please bring a black Tshirt and white Tshirt, or a black and white reversible training top. Please wear basketball shorts (no pockets) preferable black or any colour.

If you have any queries regarding uniforms, please email  uniforms@collingwoodbasketball.com.au

The season dates planned by the EDJBA, subject to COVID regulations are:

  • Season duration – 8th October 2022 – 7th April 2023
  • Saturday 8th October, Grading Round 1
  • Saturday, 29 October 2022 No Game Melbourne Cup Weekend
  • Saturday 17th December – Last game before School holiday
  • Saturday 4th February – Regular season resumes
  • Saturday 11th March – No Game, Labour Day Weekend
  • Semi Finals 18th March 
  • Preliminary Finals 25th March
  • Grand Finals 1st April 
  • School Term Ends 6th April

If you have any issues with Team placement or Venue location, please contact juniordomestic@collingwoodbasketball.com.au

Scoring (new – PlayHQ on iPads)

  • At the beginning of each game, team information needs to be set up. Players expected to play need to be selected. It’s really important that following the completion of the previous game, Team Managers (or an informed parent or the coach) go to the scorebench and ensure the “scoresheet” is set up correctly. Singlet numbers will need to be checked or added for players
  • If any player is not listed and you need to add them (eg they are new to the team or they are filling in). You need their name, date of birth, suburb and postcode


We will be using Collingwood College, Wurun College, Fitzroy High, Alphington Grammar (park in school grounds off Lucerne St), and Princes Hill Secondary College.


This is a summary of rules for different age groups:

AgeBall SizeFoul Line3 Points IncludedTime in KeyZone Defence Allowed
U8 – U95Advanced 1.8mNo5 secsNo
U10 – U115Advanced 1mNo5 secsNo
U126Advanced 1mNo3 secsNo
U13 – U14

U15 – U21 Girls



3 sec

3 secs

U15 – U21 Boys7NormalYes3 secsYes

No Zone Rule

The EDJBA has adopted Basketball Australia’s “No Zone” policy for U8s to U14s. This means that teams in these age groups are not allowed to play zone defence. “Any defence played inside the three-point line which does not incorporate normal man to man defensive principles shall be considered to be a zone”.
The EDJBA approach is one of communication and education:

  • NO action should be taken during games
  • Do NOT approach the referees, they are not responsible for enforcing this policy
  • Do NOT approach the Venue Supervisor, they are not responsible for enforcing policy
  • Do NOT approach or speak to the coach playing zone
  • There are NO in game penalties
  • If there are concerns about the defence played by a particular team during the season, then this should be communicated to the EDJBA here: EDJBA Zone Defence Feedback
  • If the team is playing a zone defence, this will be communicated to their Club, who will be required to provide education to the coach on acceptable man to man principles

Detailed information about the policy is available here.

Mercy Rule

The Mercy Rule is not applicable during grading (the first six rounds of the Summer 2022-23 season) and finals.

Coaches and Team Managers

Thank you to the many people who have volunteered to be coaches or team managers. We still have some gaps for coaches and team managers – if you can help out or suggest people who might be able to help please email juniordomestic@collingwoodbasketball.com.au.

If you know of anyone else who is interested in joining a team, please ask them to email juniordomestic@collingwoodbasketball.com.au. We already have some players on waiting lists to join teams.

If you are managing a team in the Summer: You will be emailed player and coach contact details as soon as possible. You will also receive information about what you need to do in the first couple of weeks of team managing. Most of the information the players in your team need to know will be emailed to them and/or is available here. A Team Manager’s information night will be held early in the season, date to be advised. This will be aimed primarily at new team managers. A team manager’s handbook is also available here

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