Get your junior domestic uniform

Domestic uniforms (and merchandise) will be on sale at Collingwood College Basketball stadium, 10 McCutcheon Way, Collingwood as follows:

  • Wednesday 3 November from 5.00pm until 8.00pm;
  • Thursday 4 November from 5.00pm until 8.00pm; and
  • Friday 5 November from 5.00pm until 8.00pm.

There may be long queues so please allow enough time.

If you are coming without the person who will be wearing the uniform, please bring an item of clothing that matches the size of the uniform you are after.

Domestic Uniforms

  • Singlet only $55
  • Shorts only $45
  • Singlet and shorts together $95


  • Hoodies $49
  • Short sleeve Ts $25
  • Long sleeve Ts $35
  • Collingwood All Stars Back Pack $69
  • Collingwood Sports Bag $45

Finally, if you have any unused uniforms we appreciate donations back to the club.

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