Open Gym & Tryout dates for Big V Women & Big V Youth League Women

Those wishing to be considered for the Collingwood All Stars Senior Women’s team or Youth League Women’s team are invited to attend the following sessions:

• Tuesday, 12 Jan: Open Gym session, 7-8.30pm (not compulsory)
• Thursday, 14 Jan: Open Gym session, 7-8.30pm (not compulsory)
• Tuesday

, 19 Jan: Open Gym session, 8-9.30pm (not compulsory)
• Thursday, 28 Jan: First Try-out session, time tbc (compulsory)
• Sunday, 31 Jan: Final Try-out session, time tbc (compulsory)

These combined sessions will be held at Collingwood College

, McCutcheon Way, Collingwood. Please bring a reversible singlet, water bottle and a basketball.

Sessions will be run by Bruce Robinson (Head Coach, Senior Women) and Anthony Arcangel (Head Coach

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, Youth League Women).

[posted 5 January 2021]

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