Terms and conditions of registration

By registering myself or my child to participate in a Collingwood Basketball Association competition, activity or program:

I hereby apply to, or give permission for my child to, participate in training and/or playing with and/or at Collingwood Basketball Association, and I will not under any circumstances hold the Association liable for any accident or injury which may occur. In the event of any illness or incident where it is impracticable to communicate with me, I authorise a representative of the Association to obtain such medical or other assistance as I, or my child if applicable, may require. This may include the request for specialised services, such as Ambulance, for which I agree to pay all associated costs.

I agree that I, my child (if applicable) and myself as a parent member (if applicable) will abide by the Rules and Policies of the Collingwood Basketball Association (including the Child Safety Code of Conduct), and the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct in relation to Players, Coaches, Parents and Spectators.

As a parent member (if applicable) I agree to contribute to the organisation of my child’s team including scoring and supervising training when rostered or undertaking alternative tasks as agreed with the team manager.

I understand that Collingwood Basketball Association retains the right to use for publicity purposes, photographs taken during training, games, tournaments and social occasions, on the understanding that no child will be identified by name in any published photograph without the permission of the parent / guardian.

I agree that my, or if applicable my child’s, first name and surname (but not address) may be published in team lists on the Association website.

I understand that all participants are responsible for their own personal possessions.

I understand that registration fees are generally NON REFUNDABLE. Once an individual or a team has been registered for a season or program, withdrawal of that registration is not normally permitted, and Collingwood conforms with most other Associations in retaining the registration fee if an individual or team withdraws after registration.


Collingwood Basketball Association is a not-for-profit organisation. We run cashless payments wherever possible. You may pay entry fees, program fees, weekly game fees, fines, uniforms, merchandise and any other charges by VISA or MasterCard.

All payments are inclusive of GST and transaction charges. Entry fees and other game-associated fees are received by Collingwood Basketball Association Inc (ABN 75 766 486 357). The individual Annual Participant Licence fee, where applicable, is received via PlayHQ by Basketball Victoria Inc (ABN 92 328 079 452).

Credit card details are not kept by us and are only used by the internet payment gateway provider to process payments securely.


Terms and conditions – Tax Deductible Donations

Tax Deductible Donations to Collingwood Basketball Association are made through the Australian Sports Foundation:

By making a donation to Collingwood Basketball Association you are confirming that your gift is made unconditionally to the Australian Sports Foundation and you agree to the Sports Foundation’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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