Senior Domestic competition: Uniforms

Team Uniform

All teams are required to provide their own uniform, comprising of basketball-style singlet (“singlet”, alternatively called “top” or “jersey”) and shorts.

  • Singlets must be uniformly coloured in the same dominant colour, and clearly numbered front and back (use of tape to make numbers is not permitted).
  • Shorts must be uniformly coloured. Different shades of a colour are considered to be different colours eg black, navy blue and royal blue are all considered different colours.

Each team must register the colours of their uniform on the CwdBA registration form when entering the competition. The colours registered shall be the dominant colour of the singlets and the dominant colour of the shorts. These registered colours together comprise the registered uniform.

Specification of Uniforms

The uniform of the players must comply with the Official FIBA Basketball Rules with the following additions and/or exemptions:

  • Compression garments may be worn under shorts and/or singlets
  • Shorts may not have cuffs, pockets, belts, buckles, or external drawstring. Taped pockets are not acceptable.
  • Numbers 0, 00 and 1 to 99 are permitted
  • Use of club or association uniforms by teams must have written consent from that club or association or have been expressly entered as a team by that club or association
  • Teams may not register or use official Collingwood All Stars uniforms for the above purpose
  • Singlets should be tucked into shorts, enforced at the referees’ discretion
  • Socks can be any length and any colour
  • Shorts may be replaced by full-length garments only for notified medical conditions or mandated religious requirements.

Condition of Uniforms

Players who have faded or damaged singlet or shorts, indistinct or damaged numbers, or generally poorly maintained uniforms may be warned by the referee supervisor. The warning will be noted in the venue supervisor’s report.

Incorrect Uniform

Players who are not clothed in the registered uniform singlet are not permitted to take the court. The team may borrow or hire singlets to avoid a forfeit, however regulation shorts must be provided by teams for all players.

Players who are not clothed in the registered uniform may be permitted to play at the discretion of the venue supervisor or the senior officiating referee, but a penalty score of 5 POINTS PER PLAYER NOT IN UNIFORM shall be awarded to the opposing team. The penalty is not applied in grading games.

Disputes regarding incorrect uniforms are to be directed to the venue supervisor on duty in the first instance. The decision by the supervisor on duty stands for that game and the organiser’s decision pertains thereafter.

The Venue Supervisor or designated game officials may determine that incorrect uniform requirements may be relaxed during grading games.

Clash of Uniform Colours

Where a clash of uniform colours occurs, the second named team on the fixture and on the electronic scoring system (thus nominally the away team) must wear alternate colour singlets.

It is the responsibility of the away team (second named) to ensure there is not a colour clash when arriving, and to make every reasonable attempt to get changed before the scheduled commencement of the match.

Use/Hire of Stadium Singlets

Stadium singlets are available to hire at a cost of $15 per set when one or more players are unable to take the court due to incorrect uniform, or where a colour clash occurs and the away team does not have alternative singlets. When stadium-supplied singlets are in use they must be worn by all players on the team. All players must supply their own shorts.

Teams hiring stadium singlets may be requested to leave a security deposit with the Venue Supervisor when collecting the singlets. The deposit may consist of keys, money, wallet, mobile phone or purse or any other item of value, which will be returned only when the issued stadium singlets are returned.

If the stadium singlets are returned in damaged condition (eg ripped), or if any of the singlets are missing, the team will be required to cover the cost of replacement.

Prohibited Items

Players must not wear equipment (objects) that may cause injury to other players. All players must comply with the FIBA Official Basketball Rules unless an exemption is specified.

Referees must not permit any player to wear objects that may cause injury to other players.

Players wearing shorts with pockets (even if they are turned inside out) or zips, jewellery of any kind other than a flat wedding band, or fingernails that protrude past the tip of the finger will not be permitted to take the court.

If a player claims that a particular item cannot be removed, it must be suitably covered (i.e. with medical tape) to the satisfaction of the referees.


All items of jewellery that can be removed must be removed. Items of jewellery that cannot be removed may be worn so long as they are adequately padded so as not to create a danger for other players.

The referee/s in conjunction with the supervisor shall be responsible for deciding if an item of jewellery has been adequately padded. If the padding is not considered adequate, the player may not take the court. The decision of the officials will be final.


The referee may inspect the fingernails of all players prior to the commencement of each match.

Players with fingernails that are not closely cut must do any of the following before taking the court:

  • Cut and file their fingernails;
  • Cover the nails with approved soft nail or cloth tape; or
  • Wear approved gloves (eg netball gloves).

Hair and Hair Accessories

In general, hair accessories are not to be worn. The game referee(s) at their discretion will interpret this rule.


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