Junior Representative Selection Trials for 2020-21

Players with competitive basketball experience are invited to register for the Collingwood All Stars trials for the 2020/21 Representative teams.

What is Representative Basketball?

Representative Basketball gives players the opportunity to develop and improve their basketball and compete against other metropolitan and regional Associations. 
Collingwood Basketball Association has girls and boys teams representing the association in the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) in a range of grades.

What are the age groups?
Teams comprise players who are under the age of 12, 14, 16, 18 and 21 on the 31st December of the year in which the season finishes. Age groups for the 2020/21 representative season are as follows:

U12 – Born 2010, 2011, 2012
U14 – Born 2008, 2009
U16 – Born 2006, 2007
U18 – Born 2004, 2005
U21 – Born 2001, 2002, 2003

Trial Dates

Trial dates are available in the image above.

Please take your time to read through the information regarding expectations, commitment and costs.

Click here to register your intention to trial for a representative team in 2020/21.

Guiding principles

To provide an opportunity to play at the highest level – ‘strive for excellence’
Everyone to achieve their personal best
A year long commitment to play against other committed teams in the basketball community
Fair and reasonable court time commensurate with commitment and ability (but not necessarily equal court time)
Squad approach to training
Honesty and respect between players, coaches and parents

When and where are games?

Games are played on Friday evenings, with commencement times between 6.40pm and 9.40pm. Younger age groups (U12 and U14) normally play at the earlier game times.
Collingwood home games are played at Collingwood College, 10 McCutcheon Way, Collingwood. Away game locations depend on the level of competition – generally the higher levels of competition have further travel.

How long is the season?

Representative basketball requires year round commitment. The season begins in October with selection trials and practice matches. Grading matches are conducted from November to March, and the season of 18 rounds runs from March to August. Finals are in August – September.

What is the commitment required?

All players are expected to:

Attend nominated week night training and Sunday skill development sessions
Attend all games even when injured (although not when ill)
Understand that accepting a place in a team is a season-long commitment to that team
Report all injuries to the coach before playing or training
Meet financial commitments in full
Speak directly with coach and team manager if unable to meet any of the above commitments
Give notice of, and negotiate the impact of, school sporting or other activities on their basketball commitment eg: dates of anticipated conflicting school commitments or family holidays that will be taken during the season

Representative players are strongly encouraged to also play for our Saturday domestic teams in the EDJBA and/or to coach or referee if old enough.  They are also expected to support our Big V program eg attendance at games, team of the round, floor wiping etc.

What are the selection guidelines?

Attendance at selection trial sessions and selection games
Basketball skills
Commitment to training and games
Balance of player numbers / skills / attributes in teams
Ability commensurate with receiving reasonable court time
Commitment to the Saturday domestic program

What does it cost?

Registration fee

This covers training, coaching expenses, team registration with VJBL, insurance, trophy costs and administration.

The registration fee for the 2020/21 rep season is $560, with discounts for players who also play in the domestic competition. Payment will be in two instalments as follows:

  • First instalment of $200 is due from 2 January 2021 to Monday 11 January 2021.

  • Second instalment: due in March 2021

Players who have not paid their fees by the due dates may not be able to play for their representative team until the payment has been made or alternative arrangements have been made and approved by the Club.

Game costs

This works differently from the Saturday games. For Rep, there is a weekly cost of entry into stadiums (players and spectators all pay) plus scoresheet fees. Most venues charge $3 per person entry, and the scoresheet averages out at around $8 to $9 per player per game.


For the 2020/21 season we will be introducing a new reversible rep singlet and black shorts to the Under 12 and Under 14 age group. The cost of the new uniform is $115.  All other players in U16 to U21 will change over to the new uniform for the 2021/22 season.  The cost of the uniform for players Under 16 and above will remain at $95. The Representative Uniform is different to the Domestic uniform.


Players are expected to be available for the Eltham tournament in January 2021unless they have a notified long-standing prior commitment.  The tournament will take place on Sunday 24 January (all day) Monday 25 January (from 5.00pm) and Tuesday 26 January (all day).  They should also play in one other tournament during the season. Possible tournaments will be discussed by coaches and team managers early in the season. All tournament costs (team entry/stadium entry/ transport/ accommodation etc) are the responsibility of players and their families.

Codes of Conduct

Players and parents must agree to be bound by the Basketball Victoria Player and Parent Codes of Conduct. You agree to these when registering, and Collingwood Basketball Association requires that players and parents conform to these codes of conduct

Other parent commitments

Representative teams all have weekly training sessions. The club requires that every team designates at least one parent to remain in attendance for the entire training session (usually 1½ hours) to provide an additional adult presence as well as the coach. Many teams have a roster for this. All teams will also have extra training on a Sunday at times to be advised.

One parent on each team is also required to be the Team Manager, and all parents are expected to offer their services for scoring. Again, many teams have a roster for this.

What happens now?

Rep Selection Trials

  • Register your Intention to Trial using the link below

  • Prospective rep players are expected to attend all trial sessions for their age group

  • Players are also expected to attend selection matches dates TBA

  • All players trying out from other associations must provide a signed “Permission to Train” form in order to attend the Collingwood Selection Trials

Trial dates will be advised on this website as soon as known. Those that have already registered will be forwarded an email with the information. Dates will depend on Covid-19 restrictions as directed by the Victorian Government and Basketball Victoria.

Attendance at trials does not mean that you will definitely be offered a place in a Representative team. The number of teams is limited by availability of training venues and coaches and by the selection guidelines.

Click here to register your intention to trial for a representative team in 2020/21

Further information

Head Coach Gani Sakiri 0417 365 574

Vicki Georgiou 0417 556 595

Representative Program email address rep@collingwoodbasketball.com.au

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